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  1. how to replace front brake rotor on ford contour?
  2. How do i recharge the freon in the a/c for my 1999 Ford Contour?
  3. What simple things can I do to get more horsepower in my 95 ford contour?
  4. Why does my 98 ford contour sputter?
  5. What would cause low fan speeds of 99 Ford Contour AC/Heat/Fan to fail while
  6. I have had a problem with the elecrical system in my 1997 ford contour.?
  7. Can i put a transmission from an escort/mercury sable or mystique in a 96 ford
  8. My Ford Contour 95 is having trouble shifting?
  9. My brake light is on all the time in my 1996 ford contour is it the e-brake and
  10. timeing marks 1995 ford contour?
  11. Ford Contour having trouble shifting somedays its good somedays its bad?
  12. I own a Ford Contour (99') and am curious as to what problems other owners...
  13. I have a 1997 Ford contour.With problems.Help!!?
  14. i have a ford contour and it wants to sputter. we changed the spark plugs but...
  15. 2000 ford contour 2.0L ALT FUEL(cng)DTC U1262,stalls after start up(30-45sec)PCM?
  16. i need the key code for a 95 ford contour.?
  17. how can I get information on a 1998 ford contour linkage?
  18. How do i get a froze roder off of a 98 ford contour! We have tried everything and...
  19. Where is the EGR valve pressure sensor on a 1996 Ford Contour?
  20. Can't get a key made for my '98 ford contour?
  21. Where is the EGR sensor on a 99 Ford Contour?
  22. '96 Ford Contour ignition help.....?
  23. Problem with 1999 Ford Contour.?
  24. 1998 Ford Contour; no pulse for fuel injectors? Replaced PCM,
  25. What's Wrong with my 1998 Ford Contour?
  26. 2000 ford contour mechanical?
  27. trouble with 2000 ford contour se bi-fuel, again...?
  28. 98 ford contour vents dont work?
  29. Problems with EGR Valve or pressure with 1996 Ford Contour?
  30. where do i put gear oil in a 1996 ford contour? I can't get the gears to shift now...
  31. 1998 ford contour 2.0 i have no running light drivers side. and now it fixed
  32. Is it ok to use HD30 motor oil on a 99 Ford Contour ?
  33. Picturs of the vacuum tubing for a 1998 Ford contour under hood?
  34. My ignition:::: its a 1997 ford contour.?
  35. problems with my 2000 ford contour! Transmission?
  36. My daughter's 98 Ford Contour has a dead engine. How can we sell it and make some
  37. my ford contour is acting up?
  38. 1999 Ford Contour problems?
  39. what makes my 1999 ford contour grab when i hit the brakes?
  40. 1998 ford contour timing belt repair diagrams?
  41. where does to pcv valve go on a 98 ford contour.?
  42. 5 DTC's on 98 Ford Contour.Will these repairs help?
  43. 96 ford contour problem help!!!?
  44. Ford Contour, dies when I come to a stop sign or slow down?
  45. Sudden rubbing of the frame on my front tires of my Ford Contour.?
  46. 96 Ford Contour poor accel.?
  47. 1995 Ford Contour No Heat?
  48. I need a wiring map for a 1997 Ford Contour....?
  49. Where can I buy a replacement Heater/AC vent for my 1999 Ford Contour?
  50. Ford Contour starter question?
  51. Are Ford Contours fast?
  52. how much should it cost to fix a head gasket in a 98 ford contour?
  53. i have a 2000 ford contour... now 3 weeks ago, i had to replace the
  54. Is it possible to put a engine (+ transmission) from a Ford Crown Victoria into
  55. Should I keep or trade my 98 Ford Contour?
  56. 1999 ford contour overdrive?
  57. Where Is The Ignition Module On A 2000 Ford Contour?
  58. Answers from car people! Transmission in a 98 ford contour.?
  59. HELP ignition 2000 ford contour wont turn?
  60. ford f-150 battery in a contour...?
  61. how do i go about replacing a steering wheel in a 1996 ford contour?
  62. 1999 Ford Contour Motor Vacuum?
  63. 95 Ford Contour, blower motor or heater core leak?
  64. can anyone tell me how to replace a serpentine belt, a/c clutch, & compressor on '96
  65. 98 Ford Contour 4Cylinder - Alternator Removal help!?
  66. why is my 1996 ford contour is overheating?
  67. 98 ford contour where is the cigarette lighter fuse?
  68. 1998 ford contour trouble?
  69. How do I fix errors P0420 & P0430 on a 1999 Ford Contour with 2.5 V6 ?
  70. How Do I Remove The Headlight Covers from a 1998 Ford Contour?
  71. How good is a 1998 ford contour?
  72. help with readouts from odbII scanner - ford contour?
  73. If you drive a 1996 Mercury Mystique LS (or Ford Contour), how would you describe it?
  74. what position should the exhaust cam and compression cam be set at on a 1995 ford...
  75. Does anyone know of any serious issues with the 96 ford contour GL sedan?
  76. How many bolts are needed to be removed from 98 Ford Contour Alternator?
  77. 98 Ford Contour 4Cyl. - Replace Serpentine Belt.?
  78. will a broken timing belt in a 1999 ford contour kill the engine?
  79. Ford contour problem?
  80. 95 Ford Contour Question?
  81. how do you remove the ignition lock cylinder from a 96 ford contour?
  82. I have a 1996 ford contour that wont start after it warms up. After it cools down...
  83. 96 Ford Contour. 3 brake lights, middle ok, side back not. replaced pedal...
  84. 1995 Ford Contour Heater Box, replacement?
  85. 1998 Ford Contour not starting unless it's floored...?
  86. i have a 98 ford contour 4 cylinder overheating?
  87. 1997 Ford Contour will not engage into reverse?
  88. I need a fuel pump wire diagram for my 2000 ford contour.?
  89. Where 2 Buy A 96 Ford Contour Relay?
  90. Experience with 1998 Ford Contour?
  91. Experience with a 1998 Ford Contour?
  92. Ford Contour Accelerating on its own...why?
  93. Just how much is involved to replace a wd sensor and switch on a 2000 ford contour
  94. Pre Wheel Alignment Question on my 1996 Ford Contour?
  95. Ford Contour Engine shaking?
  96. Power steering problem on Ford '98 contour?
  97. RPMs 2000 Ford Contour all over the chart?
  98. 98' Ford Contour Stalling When Accelerating and While Driving While A/c is On...HELP?
  99. How do you know whether the O/D button is turned on or off. (FYI, Ford Contour 1999)?
  100. Ford Contour 1998 Power Window Problems?
  101. 95 Ford Contour Transmission?
  102. I have a 1999 Ford Contour in good shape but it makes a knocking noise,help!?
  103. Radiator Fan in 96 Mercury Mystique/Ford Contour won't turn on.?
  104. 98 Ford Contour Heater / AC controls not working.?
  105. 97 Ford Contour. Alternator Problem?
  106. I have a 96 ford contour 2.0L can someone please help Me get more horse power.?
  107. 1999 Ford Contour radiator coolant sending unit?
  108. ford contour svt brakes?
  109. How reliable are ford contours?
  110. I have a 99 Ford Contour with EGR problems help.?
  111. how much would it cost to BUY a NEW engine for a 1998 ford contour?
  112. What is wrong with my Ford Contour?
  113. Ford Contour overheating issues....?
  114. Transmission problem on Ford Contour 98?
  115. Why is my ford contour not starting? (details below)?
  116. Should I sell or keep my 96 ford contour?
  117. My 96 Ford Contour is loud. Could it be because I am use to driving a 6 cylinder...
  118. 1999 Ford Contour Check Engine Light Reads Misfire!?
  119. My 1999 Ford Contour SE needs a face lift!!!!?
  120. My 96 ford contour is running on only 2 cylinders,or so my brother says. What could
  121. engine overheating problems 99 ford contour?
  122. what sizes are the speakers in a 1999 ford contour se?
  123. what weight or how heavy is the 2.5l v6 engine in the ford mondeo or contour?
  124. 96 ford contour. sat unused for 2 months occasionally started now stalls when you...
  125. so i have a 1998 Ford Contour and the AC, Heater, and Defrost all just stopped...
  126. ford contour blower door?
  127. I have a 1996 ford contour and it has no radiator just the cup for coolant...
  128. i need to remove my temperature switch on my 99 ford contour The switch is
  129. I have a 99 ford contour, how do i find out what color code it is?
  130. 1998 Ford Contour check engine code?
  131. I drive a 1999 Ford Contour, and even after filling the car with coolant, the...
  132. i have a 1998 ford contour and there is smoke coming out of the intake?
  133. 1995 Ford Contour 4 cylinder starter replacement?
  134. Where is the heater hose on a 1996 Ford Contour?
  135. I have a 99 Ford Contour and it will not start It turns over like it's...
  136. Why when i TRY to start my 97 ford contour the starter clicks and the wind
  137. should i trade my "99" ford contour for an old 89-90 ford truck?
  138. Car runs hot.Took out thermostadt.But still runs hot.1995 Ford Contour.Fans working
  139. Fix a Ford contour Stripped oil pan treads (oil plug)?
  140. 97 ford contour, bi fuel setup. cant keep gas to it.?
  141. Does a 1998 ford contour GL count for clash for clunker? I think it gets 21 MPG?
  142. had an accident in my 98 ford contour air bags deployed w/ left fender damage...
  143. doors not opening on 97 ford contour?
  144. where do i find the dipstick on a 1995 FORD CONTOUR?
  145. 1995 Ford Contour Starter?
  146. Ford Mondeo Ford Contour?
  147. Would it be dumb for me to put pink racing stripes on my 1999 Ford Contour SE...?
  148. i need an oil pan for my 1995 Ford Contour. It's a 6 cylinder. Does
  149. Am i still able to find a used alternator for a 98 Ford Contour?
  150. My 1996 2.0 L. Ford Contour is running rough. What do I do to fix the problem?
  151. 96 Ford Contour; Transmission Problem? Nobody seems to know what's wrong with it.?
  152. Need help! 96 Ford Contour. Stalled now will not turn over. Replaced coil,wires...
  153. my 00 ford contour needs help please help me!!!?
  154. My 2000 Ford Contour will turn over but not crank, any ideas?
  155. Ford Contour Engine Help?
  156. Tow hitch to 98 ford contour?
  157. Ford contour coil pack resistance testing high?
  158. Ford Contour wont start?
  159. 98 ford contour se break problems?! help please?!?
  160. 1997 Ford Contour with rough idle?
  161. Fuel Gauge on1999 Ford Contour stuck?
  162. what 2000 ford contour?
  163. How to replace valve cover Gasket on 98 ford contour XL?
  164. Need a mechanics Help Asap!!!!For 99 ford contour starting problems?
  165. accidentally poured gas/oil mix into my 97 ford contour. having problems
  166. 1997 Ford Contour - check engine light and break light?
  167. What's the best way to part out my 99' Ford Contour SVT?
  168. where is the temperature gauge sensur for a 1996 Ford contour with a 2.0 4 cylinder
  169. 1995 ford contour stereo wiring?
  170. Please tell me how to replace engine mount for 2000 FORD CONTOUR!!!!!!!...
  171. 1997 ford contour alternator replacement?
  172. 97 Ford Contour Valve Gasket Replacement?
  173. I have 1995 ford contour and the transmission is shifting very rough.
  174. ah help, 1986 Nissas 300ZX or 1995 Ford Contour?
  175. how do i align the cams for timing on a 95 ford contour 2.0?
  176. 2000 ford contour radio?
  177. Timing Chain Replacement on 1998 Ford Contour?
  178. How to compress the shoes on a 97 ford contour to put the drum back on?
  179. Ford contour having issues starting...?
  180. pin diagram on a 98 ford contour Stereo?
  181. 99 Ford Contour muffler bore pipe size?
  182. Check engine light is on / Ford Contour?
  183. How to unjam a 97 ford contour drivers side window?
  184. 1998 ford contour battery drained?
  185. how do i change a transmission range sensor of a 2000 ford contour?
  186. is the Ford Contour SVT a good car?
  187. how long does it take to change a heater core and a blower motor in a 95
  188. 98 ford contour lx.. need to decide on mods?
  189. 1997 Ford Contour when driving the engine will shut off for an instant, when...
  190. what is wrong with my ford contour please help?
  191. Ford Contour SVT any fun/ fast?
  192. why do Ford Contours have electronic locks?
  193. 1999 Ford Contour 2.0L Automatic DOHC Won't Start?
  194. The window on 96 ford contour will only go a quarter of the way, Why do you
  195. How much is the cost of ROTORS AND 1 WHEEL BEARING for 1997 FORD CONTOUR?
  196. Ford dealer says my purge solenoid on my 99 contour is obsolete?
  197. I have a 1999 Ford Contour Sport (v6 Model). I took my car to the Ford
  198. 1997 ford contour wont start or engine turns off while driving?
  199. My 97 ford contour recently died, when i tried to jump it as soon as it was
  200. How much to paint my Ford Contour?
  201. Does anyone know the correct fuel pressures for a 1999 Ford Contour 2.0L? Car
  202. I have a 99 Ford Contour SE 4 cyl. and i need to locate the IAT sensor... is it
  203. Emmission sensor was put in my 2000 ford contour and check engine lite is still on?
  204. 1997 ford contour and 2002 ford focus zx3 engine question?
  205. 1995 Ford Contour won't start?
  206. Will a body kit for a 1998 Ford Contour fit a 1998 Mercury Mystique?
  207. 1999 Ford Contour makes noise when brakes applied..?
  208. 1996 Ford contour cuts off?
  209. is there a Tass sensor on 2000 ford contour se 2.5 v6 and where is it located?
  210. 1995 Ford Contour still won't start?
  211. 1998 ford contour having a problem staying started?
  212. Replacing the odometer lights on a ford contour?
  213. 98 ford contour. made rattling noise in engine then just stopped. has new
  214. 1998 ford contour, it pulls to the right,?
  215. 1999 Ford Contour Question.?
  216. 1996 Ford Contour Problem! Need Help Plez?
  217. What is the key on engine off fuel pressure for a 1999 Ford Contour 2.0L 4 cyl?
  218. 1996 ford contour alternator issue?
  219. i have a ninety five ford contour that i just bought?
  220. 2000 Ford Contour Speed Sensor?
  221. Recently, my '96 Ford Contour has had troubles shifting into first and second.?
  222. How much is to replace a timing chain on a '99 ford contour?
  223. Does anyone knows how to fix a 1998 ford contour blower switch?
  224. What is the timing ratio for a timing belt on a 2 pulley 1999 Ford Contour 2.0L?
  225. how to change a starting motor in a 1998 ford contour?
  226. does anyone know were i can get some angel eyes for a 1998 ford contour se ?
  227. How to get engine codes off of 1995 Ford Contour without a scanner?
  228. What is the battery amps for a '96 Ford Contour V4?
  229. (^ ford contour cooling fan not working right Gets hot to fast?
  230. My '99 Ford Contour started leaking and now the heat won't work?
  231. The cigarette lighter in my 1999 Ford Contour keeps popping out and not lighting up,
  232. Where is the Cruise Control Fuse on a 1998 Ford Contour?
  233. I have a 1999 ford contour my engine light came on but I have change the
  234. Having problem with a 1999 ford contour 2.0.. It starts hard, runs rough,
  235. 2000 ford contour door locks don't work properly. back doors unlock then lock.
  236. 1997 ford contour cable to window motor cable replacement?
  237. 97 ford contour tire sizes?
  238. Fixing windshield wipers in 1998 Ford Contour?
  239. 98 Ford Contour Overheating?
  240. 1998 ford contour ATF change...please answer?
  241. 1997 ford contour turns over but will not start?
  242. 1998 ford contour cooling fan issue?
  243. I have no electrical on my 95 ford contour it wont start and acts like i have no
  244. 97 Ford Contour GL RPM's?
  245. 1998 ford contour automatic transmission fluid extended question?
  246. Why would computer codes be unreadable on a 1995 Ford Contour?
  247. 1996 ford contour lopes while idling and dies when put in gear unless i two-foot it.?
  248. how to change a 98 ford contour water pump?
  249. got a 1998 ford contour v6 2.5 24v car the starter wont kick on unless u
  250. How do you change a dim gear indicator light on a 2000 Ford Contour?