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Ford Forum: To Balance or Not To Balance?
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Old 11-06-2015, 04:45 AM
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Default To Balance or Not To Balance?

Although I could have posted this anywhere on the forum because it deals with all types of wheels, wheel weights and tires being balanced. This happened to us while having our Sparco Wheels and Maxxis Victra tires balanced from the dealership by a trained technician using the hunter wheel balancing system.

There are some of you who are doubting that our wheels/tires did not receive any wheel weights from the dealership.. thus I've sent word to tirerack, our dealership and searched several other sites where users have said that they left the wheel shop without wheel weights.

Typically wheels do not leave the shop without some sort of wheel weights.. but after I crawled under and around the van, there aren't any wheel weight to be seen. So how it this possible?.. Is my dealership pulling my leg on this?.. One clue to this is that my service manager took a photograph of the wheel tech attempting to balance the wheels and the hunter system returned with a "OK" status.. this meant that the wheel w/ tire was within specs as not to have wheel weights.

According to our dealership and the service manager.. this is possible, But the odds of this happen are extremely high. So did we get lucky on this by using Sparco "Rally" wheels.. That's the key.. Sparco Rally wheels being that they have been proven on and off the track in a variety of road conditions come pre-balanced and maybe even so perfect no wheel weights area needed.

Does this mean that OZ/Sparco make great wheels and they are so perfect that they don't need wheel weights?. Every wheel is going to be different. As our service manager said.. "You're one of the lucky ones" I don't think the dealership would have allowed us to leave the dealership without the wheels being properly balanced. This is one reason why we trust this dealership as well as purchasing their life time wheel/tire warranty.

As an ex-member of the SCCA, I want to agree with the pre-balanced (for lack of a better term) or perfect wheel theory.. Until told otherwise and for the record:

"Our wheels do not have any wheel weights anywhere on them".

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Old 11-06-2015, 10:59 AM
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Just received this from a TireRack Spokesmen who wishes to remain anonymous.

A good tech can make a perfect balance, just as long as the tires and wheel are both true and round.. Most the time, some weight are required because it is very difficult to get everything perfect without them. Although what you have told and shown me, it is possible. If your vehicle does not vibrate and shake, then you are fine. You do not need weights, It's as simple as that.

I've seen those forum post you spoken about before they were removed and if some strangers don’t believe you, who cares. A lot of people on the Internet will troll you and look for anything they can find to disagree with. They sit back behind their keyboard and laugh while you excert more and more personal effort, for no personal gain.
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