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Ford Forum: Harsh Engagements
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Old 08-08-2015, 04:36 PM
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Default Harsh Engagements

I have a 2013 Lincoln MKZ with a 2.0L Ecoboost and 6F35 Transmission. I have owned my MKZ since March of 2014 and it only has about 7000 miles on it.

I am posting to the Ford Fusion Forms because I know that my MKZ and the Fusion have the same transmission.

Right now the dealership wants to overhaul my transmission to replace the forward clutch piston seal as directed by an engineer at Ford Motor Company in reference to SSM 44760. I have been told that this “fix” is for vehicles that have very harsh engagements in all forward gears. The shop foreman at my dealership told me that this “fix” will most likely do anything with my engagement issue since my MKZ has harsh engagements while shifting into forward and reverse.

Sept. 2014 @ 3600 miles, I started noticing random harsh engagements when selecting Drive and Reverse during a cold start. Now it’s gotten a little worse, I’ve even felt a double engagement feeling when selecting Reverse and it’s now happening during warm and cold starts. The engagement is so harsh that it can jerk my head and the whole car. Currently, I have only noticed the harshness when selecting Park to Drive, Drive to Reverse, Park to Reverse, Drive to Neutral. I feel the harsh engagement before I even touch the accelerator, so my foot is on the brake the whole time. I don’t notice it on the highway when the MKZ shifts from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, … But, I have noticed when I give the car a little gas while crawling in traffic, the car will jerk a little bit.

What I would like to know, is there anyone that has had this “fix” for harsh engagements? If so, did this fix help and how did your harsh engagement issues start? Any suggestions?

When I first purchased the 2013 MKZ it had 22 miles on it and it ran beautifully. I recently took the car to the dealership to do a recall/oil change and asked them to look at this. I was able to duplicate the harsh engagements in front of the shop foreman, and he said to me that this is definitely too harsh, and I’m going to load the latest calibrations for all the modules including PCM and TCM. He insured me this will fix the issue. When I went to pick up the car it felt the exactly the same, and I refused to pick up my MKZ. The dealership even found another 2013 MKZ to show me that other MKZ had the same “harsh engagements”, well that MKZ did not have any harsh engagements instead it felt just like my MKZ back when I first got my keys.
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Old 08-29-2017, 12:09 PM
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Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a fix. My Fusion constantly needed to have its computer reset but that "fix" never lasted very long.
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